SONAS – Burren Full Moon Special

From: 20.00

Burren Bathing Special – Full Moon Walk

Let’s go and experience this magical landscape – the Burren. From a distance the Burren looks like it is made of nothing but stone, bizarre and otherworldly. When you get close and take the time to look you will find out why the Burren is a paradise for botanists. Many million years ago Ireland was not an island yet, it was part of a larger landmass lying south of the equator. During that time the Burren surface was the bottom of a tropical sea and it stills holds fragments from that time in its limestone. This karst landscape is ever changing, with every raindrop, every footstep. Many features are hidden in the washed-out stone – caves, underground rivers, deep grikes full of plants. Visible are the remains of a long history of humans in this area, tombs and ringforts, ruins churches, abandoned cottages. This landscape is a perfect place for a SONAS Tour, slowing down, looking close, relaxing and connecting.

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