SONAS – Woodland and Water


Being Amongst Trees

Imagine, Ireland was once covered with trees, a squirrel could travel from Cork to Donegal without ever touching the ground, jumping from tree to tree. Only little is left today and maybe that makes those woodlands extra special.

We will take a gentle walk, slowing down, getting aware of this amazing connection between flora and fauna of a forest, getting aware of these magnificent trees often much older than we are. Spending time at the shores of a lake, listening to the sounds of the water, this life essential element. Our connection to nature and trees is so old, humankind needed and still needs trees for its survival, a forest is like an old homeplace we have forgotten. With some exercises for breathing and silence we will aim to calm the mind, breathe easy and let go of our worries so that we feel relaxed and refreshed and ready to go back to life’s challenges.

Please bring comfortable and suitable clothing. Easy to moderate walks on paths and forest ground.
Meeting point – Garryland Nature Reserve, near Gort. Check our calendar for available dates and times Duration: 3 hours. Price per person 30 €, max 8 participants. For private group bookings please contact us about available dates

SONAS – a new way of being in places

The Irish word SONAS means happiness, good fortune, bliss. Trying to find what makes us happy we realise more and more that we find happiness in the company of friends, in being in nature. Our lives are so often ruled by an avalanche of information, by looking at screens, going from one appointment to the next. While we are concerned about our jobs, our health, money, we tend to forget how to slow down, how to be aware of ourselves, our surroundings, our life. Happiness – SONAS and how to attain it was already discussed by the earliest philosophers. Over the last decades scientists have directed their research to happiness and wellbeing. Where do we find it? And their research shows it is often in those places where we do not look.

On our SONAS tours and in our SONAS courses we will take our time, be silent and breathe, experience our surroundings and getting to know the history or special features. To be aware and to know a place forms a connection and this is how we find our special places of happiness.

‘Sonas ort – may you be happy’

Whats Included

For these tours you will meet your guide at a local meeting point and spend 2 to 3 hours exploring the landscape, the sites, learning something new, experiencing something special. Check out our calendar and book your favourite tour.

Guided by locals

Our vehicle for chauffeured tours is a practically new Volkswagen Transporter for maximum 8 guests, for 2021 we are limiting our guest numbers to 6. Sitting a bit higher than in a limousine you will have a great view and see more of the landscape passing by. For extended tours we have plenty of room for your luggage.

Great Photo Locations

Taking photos has become so easy, we will make sure to stop at the best locations so that you can bring back amazing photos, share them and keep them as a memory of a special trip. For our Sonas Tours we suggest switching off your devices and spend some time 'offline' to be free to experience your surroundings.

Supporting Trees

Sustainable tourism is important to us. One measure to make a difference for climate change is to plant trees. 10 % of our proceeds are going towards native trees being planted in Ireland.

Peace of Mind

Andaire is registered with the Irish Tourist board and you will see the white and green logo of the Covid-19-Safety charter on our website which shows you we have been educated in infection control and adhere to strict hygiene measures and are also subject to spot checks. You can find us on the Directory of Covid-19 Compliant Businesses.

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